How to make name tags that last longer…

As the schools have started, most of the mums are struggling with their routine after a lovely summer holidays. I know how hard it becomes after a great holiday to come back to a routine. You wanted to wake up relax in the morning but now you have to be an early morning bird who can’t afford to wake up late. My daughter started going to Reception year, so for me it is a new experience with the school rules and stuff. One of the strange things was name tagging! You have to name tag each and every thing that comes under the name ‘school’! There were minimum 40 things that I have to tag! (OMG! Don’t panic, that’s true!) I searched how I can get this done. There were options like printed sticky ones, iron-on, or simply write with laundry markers. But I found out that after few washes they are of no use. They are either faded or fallen off the cloths. So I decided to go for the durable ones, as I don’t want to keep it doing again and again. It’s annoying for me. So I come up with the Plan B which is the embroidered one. I searched where I can get this done and what I found was neither time nor pocket friendly. You know what I mean. So I decided to ‘Do It Myself!’ And it was fun too… (though my fingers got tired holding those small pieces till I finished with it.) But they are now permanent on her school uniforms. Looks classier! I love them.

There you go…

Take a simple white ( or desired color) ribbon. Here, I used 2.5mm wide white satin ribbon and light blue cotton thread (you can use any other thread as per your choice). Write down the name with a ball pen (using ink pens may stain the ribbon) With the help of a fine embroidery needle, start sewing the letters. It’s easy and fun to do.






Almost done. To avoid the ribbon threads that keep coming out, take a lighter or a match stick and very carefully seal the 2 edges.


Ta Da..!! It’s done. Now that you have made your tag, you need to sew it on the desired cloth. You can hand sew or use a sewing machine if u have one.


Don’t forget to iron the edges before you sew. It’s not mandatory but it’ll help you while sewing it.



It’s done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It takes a bit more time than other methods but it’s durable and it’s worth it! And after a year if they are in good condition, you can reuse them with new uniforms.

Wishing you all a nice school year ahead..!! Have Fun!


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