Doodle it up…!!

Many people still wonder about doodle. What does doodle mean actually? Doodles are shapes drown in such a manner to form a pattern. The pattern sometimes is limitless, that means you keep on drawing and drawing in offset to the original base shape, i.e. you keep drawing  boundaries with some space in between to form the same shape in a bigger scale.


Anyway, apart from the theoretical meaning of doodle, it has got some practical benefits like it acts as a stress buster, improves mood, helps in exploring the hidden artist in you and many more. When you don’t have enough time to devote in the craft but still want to make something quick and easy, or when you are frustrated and angry, just grab a paper and few pens (or markers) and start doodling. No particular shapes or sizes are mandatory. You can add flowery shapes, graphics or just lines. Draw whichever way you like it. Believe me it helps a lot to calm you down. Doodles are the great stress relievers. When you add bright colors to it, your mood starts improving. At the end of this task, it leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. And …woohoo…!! Look what you have got in your hands … a nice unique design made by one and only you! You can actually frame it.Try adding some words to it like some inspiring quotes or just the names of your loved ones will do the magic.



It’s a great fun to do and there is no hurry to finish it at once. Take your time. As you get free time you can do it accordingly. For example, you have to go to pick your child from school and you are ready before time, now you have 15 minutes to spend, what should you do meanwhile? Simple! Sit and start doodling. After 15 mins leave it and on another day resume your doodling. It will give you the feeling that you are doing at least something creative along with your busy schedule. You will feel fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Well, I have always loved Doodles. These are some 15-20 minutes doodles that I have made before going to pick my child from school. See it works! I’ve already created 4 doodley sheets and counting..


I’m planning to buy some fine tip markers too. I’m sure they will work great along with my broad tip ones. I can’t wait to make new doodling patterns.. It’s addictive. But who cares. If they help me improve my mood, I’m going to so doodle it up! Cheers!!


2 thoughts on “Doodle it up…!!

  1. NICE Creation!!
    What I consider Doodle is a abstract shapes !! Might Some better way to transfer your confusion on paper !! 🙂
    Doodle can light up creators mind!!


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