Tea Coasters… Free crochet pattern

Hello there, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m here again with an easy to make pattern. This simple pattern of tea coasters will take about an hour if you are a beginner. These are among the hit lists as a gift for almost any occasion. I hope you enjoy this project too.



ch – chain

sc – single crochet

tr – treble crochet

sl st – slip stitch

st – stitch


ROW 1: Make a magic ring (Ch 4, sl st into 1st ch and make a loop).

ROW 2: Ch 4 (counts as a tr), make 11 tr into the loop. Join with a sl st. Total 12 tr.

ROW 3: Ch 4 (counts as a tr), 1 tr in the same st, 2 tr in all the other sts. Join with a sl st. total 24 tr.

ROW 4: Ch 4 (counts as a tr), 1 tr in the same st, 1 tr in next st, 2 tr in next st,…. repeat until end (i.e. 2tr, 1tr, 2tr, 1tr,…. like this).  You will get total 36 tr.

ROW 5: Ch 1, sc in each st. Total 36 sc.

ROW 6: Ch 4 (counts as a tr), 1 tr in the same st, 2 tr in each sc. Total 72 tr.

Change the color.

ROW 7: Ch 1, sc in each st. Total 72 sc. Fasten off.

Your Tea Coaster is ready!  You can make as many as you want and in different colors too. Here I have used grey and off-white yarn. You can use different colors for different rows and make colorful coasters. Try also using different types of threads. You can use T-shirt yarn or plarn (plastic-yarn). It’ll give a different look and feel depending upon the material that you use. You can keep on adding rows by increasing the number of trs in each row. And make your coaster bigger which you can use as a pot holder for your favourite indoor plants, or as a plate holder on the dining table. You can join different coasters altogether and make a table topper.

I hope this post is helpful to all. If anyone wants a photo tutorial, I’ll be happy to share it with you guys. Just comment or email me.

Now all that our coaster is ready, what we just need is a nice hot cup of tea! (Or a coffee if you are not a tea lover) Enjoy your sips!!

Here, I made some colorful coasters using different colored wool… have a look!



2 thoughts on “Tea Coasters… Free crochet pattern

  1. Started my friends daughter off with this pattern, it was great and having a visible endproduct quickly encouraged her to do more,, she has made three now and is mixing colours making really nice effects. Trying to curb her enthusiasum a little – wants to make a bed cover – for a double bed!!!


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