Here I dedicate my freshly made poem to the lovely Autumn lovers…

As the leaves turn golden yellow,      

The trunks all get wet and hollow,

In the dusk all that love trees shed

I’m waiting for the Autumn ahead..

When the leaves turn husky brown

Dwindling away with a crunchy sound,

The land they see with a silent urge,

Look, the time is here to merge..

A crispy morning with the whooshing air,

A silent wish with a quite despair

Disappearing into the arms of the ground

All I can hear is an Autumn sound..

Well, I’m not a poet or so, I just started writing my new post while words started popping into my head and I kept on writing. I hope I’ll surely find any poet or a writer among my lovely readers who can comment on it. I would love to hear from you about it.

OK, now, let’s start with our first Autumn project which I’m sure you will like as I did. Pretty Autumn leaves… coming your way to decorate your house this year for the Fall Season.. Take a look…





They are adorable enough to enhance the beauty of any other project that you are up to.. They are good for decorating your bedside tables, picture frames, hanging on walls and windows, on a mantelpiece, also graet for your Fall-scrapbooks. They are actually so pretty that you can decorate your jumpers, hats and beanies with them… So adorable and just perfect for your DIY Fall wardrobe. Plus, a lovely fall headband for your little one is just so cute. Give it a go. I would love to see what you are making this Fall. Keep loving Autumn..!!



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