Howdy mums! I hope everything is going great your side. It’s been (it seems) a long time I wasn’t active on this blog. Some personal issues… But now, I’m back with a fantastic tutorial for the new crochet lovers…. A Crocodile stitch!!

Let’s start…



  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • St –  stitch

START: Ch 33 (multiple of 6 + 3 ch)

Crocodile stitch pic-1

ROW 1: Dc into the third st from hook. *Ch2, skip 2 st, 2dc into the next st*. Repeat from *to*, till the end. You will get 11 pairs of dc posts.

Crocodile stitch pic-2

Crocodile stitch pic-3

Crocodile stitch pic-4

Crocodile stitch pic-5

ROW 2: Make 5dc into the first post from first pair of dc. Ch1, make another 5dc into the second post.

Crocodile stitch pic-6

Crocodile stitch pic-7

Crocodile stitch pic-8

You have made one petal like shape like this…

Crocodile stitch pic-9

Turn to back side… You can see the petal like shape made in the 1st pair of dc.

Crocodile stitch pic-10

Sl st in the next pair of dc posts. next petal into the next post. Alternately, make a petal in 1st pair, sl st into the 2nd pair, next petal in 3rd pair…. like this.

Crocodile stitch pic-11

Crocodile stitch pic-12

Repeat this till the end. The last petal will be : 5dc, ch1, 4dc, ch 3(as last dc), sl st into the 2dc-post i.e. at the center of the petal. (everytime). After finishing, the row 2 will look like this…

Crocodile stitch pic-13

ROW 3: Ch3 (counts as a dc), 1dc in same st, ch2, skip 2 st, 2dc in next st. Same like before. Continue working like this.

Crocodile stitch pic-14

Crocodile stitch pic-15

When finished, row 3 will look like this.

Crocodile stitch pic-16

ROW 4: 3 sl st (so that to skip 1st 2dc-post). Start working 1st petal in the second 2dc-post, skip next 2dc-post, work in next 2dc-post….same like before. End the row with last petal’s ch3 and sl st into the center.

Crocodile stitch pic-17

Crocodile stitch pic-18

ROW 5: Ch3, 1dc in same st, skip 2 st, 2dc in next st. …… and so on….

Keep working like this till you get the desired height. Keep adding rows in the same manner. Fasten off.

You have made the front panel, now make another one in the same way. You can also change the color of the yarn for the back panel if you want to. After finishing both the panels, join them with sc or sl st to form a purse. Remember to join it correctly. Top side is left open. Or you can also sew them together. For the purse, you can make front panel of crocodile st and keep back panel simple by making only sc or dc. Choice is yours. You can also keep working one large panel and make a blanket out of it. Use different colors for different rows. It will look more beautiful.

Here, I have made a purse using this stitch with a thicker yarn. Isn’t it beautiful..!!

There is a variation in this. I have worked this purse in circle i.e. without making 2 different panels, I simply joined the base chain with sl st. and worked dc all over. If any body wants details about how I made this one, I will be pleased to share it.

Brown crocodile st purse

Happy hooking!!



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