How To Decorate Simple Words…

Some of you must be wondering how the typographers draw beautiful quotes even more beautifully, like I used to do until I tried making one on my own. Sometimes you just need to TRY! And that’s it. I was feeling a little blue one day, couldn’t find ways to cheer my mood up. Standing by the window, I was just looking outside blankly when the buzzing of the bees caught my attention. They seemed to be playing happily around the tiny flowers. Such a small thing, but if you think seriously it takes nothing to be happy.. You just need to start enjoying the very moment and you will be happy..That’s it! How I thought foolish I was wasting my time getting bored and off mood. I grabbed some sheets and started to do what I had never done before… Typography.

Yes, I tried! and it worked (at least for me). The purpose of this blog is to cheer those people who want to try new things but they haven’t yet, for those who (like I did) are wasting their time by getting off mood. This can be inspiring for all of you guys. Just wanted to share this beautiful memory of the moment spent by the window and getting inspired. Thanks to the lovely bees who don’t even know what they have done.

I dedicate this to those tiny helpers…

Take a plain sheet/card stock. I took white, you can use colored ones too. Draw the words or quote, just a rough sketch will do.

B happy B urself 1

With the help of a fine tip marker trace all the lines and shapes except letters.

B happy B urself 2

Start adding your favorite colors to the letters. Use darker ones for the boundaries. You can do shading if you want to. Try using water/ acrylic colors as well. When the colors blend together it looks more beautiful.

B happy B urself 3

B happy B urself 4

Bees inspired me, so here you buzz bee..!! 🙂

B happy B urself 5

For the finishing touch trace the letters with the fine tip marker where you have used your darker tones before as shown in the picture below..

B happy B urself 6

Here…. all done! Now that we have this, let’s fame it.. This can be a very good gift. You can write names of your friends and family and decorate it in different ways. And gift them. I’m sure they will love it. You can also engage kids for an hour with this project. They will enjoy doing this (mine does 😉 ).

B happy B urself 7

Sometimes thorns too have the prettiest flowers.. No matter how many thorns you have in your way, one day you will find the pretty flowers hidden within you. And once you’ve found it, your life will be full of the aroma of the happiness, for sure…

Let our mood bloom every now and then. Let’s get inspired!




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