Easy DIY Stamps .. step by step tutorial

As the festive season is approaching you might have already started making lists and deciding what gifts to buy for everyone. One more important thing among these list is Cards. Yes, season’s greetings cards! Everybody loves cards and if it is a handmade one, it makes difference. What do you say? I like making cards for all occasions. I keep on trying new ways to make it different each year. I love to draw and paint my own designs, I like stamps though. I’ve come up with a mind-blowing easy DIY tutorial on how to make cards using stamps.

Well, I guess almost everyone enjoys burgers. Make sure you save the burger cases for your stamps next time you order it. Yes! You heard me right! We’re going to make out of waste things today. The burger cases which we normally throw out, are going to be converted into the beautiful stamps for your greeting cards. Let’s see how……

You’ll need these things: A clean Burger case (or any other similar case), cutter, pencil, plastic spoon, ear bud, straw, etc. You can actually use anything (which is not too sharp) to create design. Use your imagination.


Take an empty clean case, cut the lid using cutter as shown in the picture.


With the help of a pencil start defining boundaries first.  Draw the design you like by applying a little pressure on your pencil (not too hard though, as it will create holes in the surface).


Use all your different tools like spoon, straw, keys, cap of a pen,etc to create different effects.




If you want to include some words or names in your stamp, don’t forget to trace them wrong side first. As, when you stamp them later, they will be correctly printed.


It’s all done! Isn’t it a great idea plus fun! Involve your kids in making various stamps like these. Encourage them to create their own custom-made stamps. It could be a great fun family activity. These stamps can be used for various projects. You can convert a simple blank paper into a nicely stamped gift wrap. Stamp it on your plain T-shirts, or bags and give them a new look. Or you can create cards in bulk using them. And the interesting thing is you can create as many stamps as you want. As we are not going to stop eating burgers, are we? 😉

Now, take a look at this… I used acrylic paint – metallic red. Using an old soft brush I spread color on the stamp. And pressed it on the card-stock.


Be careful about the quantity of the color and the pressure you apply while pressing it. It can be a disaster. Before stamping it on the card-stock always try it on a rough paper. So that it will give you an idea about how much pressure is required.



I used golden marker and gave finishing touches to the card. Due to the effect that stamp has created, the design looks like as if it is from the bygone era, like the ones those are found in the caves in ancient times.


My unique designed card is ready!! Try this with different colors and designs. I hope you enjoy making these stamps and creating beautiful cards with warm wishes. And I hope, the ones who get these cards from you love and treasure them forever xoxo.





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