Card Making.. Hand-painted cards

Greetings!… Greetings..!! Season’s Greetings…!!

All of you have already started (or most probably finished) making lists about whom to send greeting cards this year. Well, if not, you better hurry soon as it’s less than a month to go! If you are like the ones who like to create handmade cards, many of you might be wondering what type of design it should be this year. As I always like to try new things and mix and match them, I have come up with a fabulous idea. Just to freshen up, I tried something different than usual.

Have you heard about Madhubani style? Well, It’s an ancient art form, from India. If you can google it, you’ll find there is a lot of information about it. I have taken inspiration from Madhubani art for making card designs. This style is very unique and colorful in its own way. The interesting thing which I like is, there is always a double outline to all the characters of the drawing. As you can see in the pictures below. These are my own creations though.

Handmade cards… Madhubani style…




Here I have designed 5 different cards. It may look difficult but it is not. You just start drawing your main object and double outline it, then fill the remaining area with little details. You can choose various pretty motifs and borders to fill in. It’s all about showing the common things around us into the Madhubani pictures. Things, like trees, houses, humans, animals, flowers, birds, etc. It can also be the themed ones showing particular incidence or a day-to-day activity for example, a man playing on the drums, a lady sitting under a tree, kids playing in the garden or girls collecting flowers, etc. It can be anything.



When you are making something in a Madhibani style, there are few simple things to remember which I’m sure will help you gaining some confidence.

  • There should be at least one main object, or theme related object if going with a theme (i.e.
  • Double outline to every possible object
  • Detailing- fill every corner with details
  • Give nice boarders with little details and color it (I haven’t though, as I wanted it to be simple)
  • Use bright colors

It’s very simple just like doodles , you draw and color the way you like.

Cm14 (2)

Materials I used: simple card stock in white, fine tip marker/pen to draw, markers to color them. You can use different coloring mediums like (paints, pencils, pastels, etc.) I just couldn’t use paints as it’s getting difficult day by day to handle my cheeky lil boy who just doesn’t allow me to paint :). We all have a great load of responsibilities and duties to follow. Sometimes it becomes difficult to take a chance to sit down and just relax. At that time ‘Creativity’ is the thing which helps me control my frustration. That’s the reason I have made it a habit now. Mumpanion is the outcome of my mood swings (in a positive way of course) which I’m sure will keep on helping me and many others like me to get rid of frustration out of our lives. I know, there are lots of people like me who think the same way. Mumpanion is being created for all of them. It’s a window which opens towards my creative-self.

I hope you enjoy making cards like these. I’m planning to create printables and share them with you very soon and I’m also going to add Madhubani section to it. So stay tuned.

Keep Creativity Alive!






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