Felt Christmas Ornaments..

While I was working on this project, my daughter was very much excited to see the final outcome. As she is fond of Christmas decorations and crafts very much. As usual she was super excited to help me (no matter how much I try to avoid all the mess many times). Knowing that I’m going to post this soon, she literally started spying on me.. (lol!) I loved her doing that and when she had been allowed to offer a little help, oh.. my lips just couldn’t resist to keep on smiling looking at her happiest twinkling eyes.. 🙂

I finally managed to complete the post only after being lucky to get some Vitamin D for the pictures. It was cloudy throughout the day. I was praying the Sun to give sunny intervals..a bit of sunshine at least. My prayer seemed to be accepted and in the afternoon I finally took pictures. Hoosh..!!

This month all my posts will be Christmas special. All the crafts will be dedicated to it. So, after the DIY-stamped cards  and hand-painted cards, it’s time to make Christmas ornaments. I chose felt this year. It has to be a kids craft as my daughter is willing to host the Christmas party. So, I decided to go for it and make some little felt ornaments.


I cut the felt in different colors and hand sew them together to make cute houses, Christmas trees, birds, gingerbread men, etc. It was so fun and easy to make.


Materials used:

  • Felt in different colors
  • Embroidery cotton/silk threads in contrast colors (You can use matching colored threads too, but contrast color pops up the detailing you do on the tiny parts of the felt)
  • Embroidery needles
  • Buttons and beads
  • Thin satin laces
  • Filling: I used cotton

First, I drew the shape on the felt of a desired color and cut it into two pieces (front and back). This is the body (main shape) of the ornament. Similarly, I drew and cut the other shapes on different colored felts as well. Then by using the embroidery needle and thread, I hand sewn the shapes on the front piece of the two pieces which I had cut earlier (you can use the sewing machine if you want to). I used different stitches just to enhance its beauty. Also added some buttons and laces here and there which made them look more adorable. Provided a sufficient loop for hanging. All done.



Aren’t they cute..  I wonder felt-craft may become my hobby soon..




It was very easy and quick too. I wanted to make many more of these but unfortunately had to stop. No worries, it’s not the end. The journey has just begun… Hope to see some nice and interesting passersby during the journey…

Happy crafting!! 🙂


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