Stenciling… DIY Gift wraps

I used to do stencil designing as a profession 2 years ago. I have created stencils and have applied them on walls. I pretty much enjoyed it. I would like to do it again, let’s see when I get that chance. Well as of now, let’s get towards our new project ‘stencil designing’.

I have come up with this idea when one day, I needed to pack a gift urgently and I was running out of a gift packing paper. And there was no time to wait for the shops to open so that I could buy some. I was wondering how this thing skipped out of my shopping list, but there was no time to waste blaming myself. I had to find some other way round. I already had a plastic sheet which I have saved from a toy box. I immediately started to make stencil out of it which helped me make a beautiful gift wrap. I started this project early in the morning and I was done with it before 8 am. Then I made two more with different designs later.

ST 12

Stencil designing is not a new concept but it’s popular these days. There are various types of materials and methods used for making stencils. I’m going to provide with very basics and easy to do stuff without much expense and which will be a great fun to do. Let’s see how..

ST 1

For this I used a thin foam sheet. I draw the design with pencil and cut it out carefully with the help of the cutter. Then I used fine tip markers in different colors. You can trace this design as many times as you want and there is no mess.

ST 2

I used four colors. Ice Blue, Lavender, Rose Red, Deep Violet. Choose your own color scheme or go monochromatic. Add some detailing to it. It will look more elegant.

ST 4

ST 3

The final outcome is this. I have used A3 sheet for this project. You can try this on various types of papers also on thin plastic film wraps (using permanent markers) which you can use to wrap around flowers and bouquets.

ST 5

Here I have drawn the Damask pattern on the plastic sheet using a waterproof marker then cut it out with a cutter. Using a sponge I gently dabbed some paint all over it. Make sure the paint is not watery or else it will spoil your design. As it has happened in some places in the picture below.

ST 6

Mix two or more colors for great effect. You can also use metallic colors. Damask pattern looks amazing in metallic shades.

You can make as many different styles as you want. Create your own unique designed gift paper. It looked so cute when I wrapped it around the boxes with some ribbons and bows here and there for the final touch… And it’s all done!

ST 8

ST 9

ST 10

ST 13

ST 11

It is so simple and so cute. I really enjoyed doing stencils. I always do. You can try this on fabric too. You just need to use fabric/acrylic colors with no or less water, as the watery color will spread quickly on the fabric and it will ruin the design.

So here we are …stenciling today..!! Hope you enjoyed.





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