Free Holiday Printable For Kids..

I’m so excited to share some fun free printable for children to color and decorate. It gets very tricky sometimes to keep the children busy during holidays as elders also want some rest and have other stuff to do. I had some colored papers which I used for creating printable for my daughter as she was getting bored and wanted to do some coloring stuff. When I finished with my first drawing which was an Xmas tree, she hardly allowed me to take a picture of it and started coloring. I was so happy to see that she liked it so  much. It kept her busy for a while meanwhile I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee along with my soon-to-be-finished-book 🙂 which I did finish.

Here I’m sharing my very first set of free printable which includes 10 handmade drawings for coloring. As it’s a Festive season, I hope kids will have fun coloring them. My lil one loved them all and she also asked her friends to get them printed for themselves too 🙂

PR 4

PR 1

PR 3

PR 2

PR 8

PR 6

PR 9

You can get them here–>  Free Holiday printable for kids

It’s a pdf file containing 10 seasonal drawings. If you don’t want the colored paper background, simply change the settings to black/white before you hit the print button.  My daughter wanted them on the colored papers so I made it that way, next time I’m going to use white paper instead of colored ones. It will be more suitable. I will come up with a new set of printable for adult too. Keep in touch.

Hope you and your little ones enjoy this coloring fun…

Stay blessed!




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