DIY World Book Day Character… Miss Chatterbox

Hey there book lovers! Yeah it was world book day yesterday. I totally forgot about it and one of my friends reminded me one day ago. I was running out of time and couldn’t think of anything until this idea popped into my head. I immediately started working on it.

Things I used :

  • An old empty box or carton
  • Hot pink and yellow tissue papers cut into pieces (2 sheets each)
  • Scissors and cutter
  • Glue and a brush
  • pink balloon ribbon (you can use any other ribbon)
  • pink satin ribbon (I used 1″ broad)
  • plastic needle (borrowed from my daughter)
  • black marker pen
  • punching machine to make holes (I didn’t have one so I used small scissors & it worked.)

First I draw the shapes on the carton and cut them accordingly. Then I started placing glue and tissue paper from one corner till I covered the whole surface. Repeat the same for the back and sides.



Then continue doing the same with yellow tissue for the hair. Sew the corners using the pink ribbon and a plastic needle. Also cut a semicircle on each side for the better arm movement. For hanging it on the shoulders, you need to make 2 holes each at the front and back. Tie the ribbons with the knots in each hole.


Ta da!!


You can also add a shoes cutting in blue. As I was running out of time, I skipped it. But nobody noticed it and all loved it. My daughter was so excited that she wore it on her jacket while walking to the school and back. 🙂


Miss Chatterbox with the daffodils… 🙂



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