Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…. Orange Round Purse with crystal beads


I’m here with one more easy crochet project. This can be done by any crochet lover or a beginner. One more easy to do project. Trust me! This is a round orange purse with orange crystal beads. I wrote this pattern especially for Mother’s Day! However it is a great gift for any occasion. Give it a go!

Orange Round Purse Pattern:


First of all you need to add enough beads into the thread which you are using for this pouch.

We’ll be making this pouch in a round shape. For that you can use the pattern from my earlier post Tea Coasters as the base of this purse.


  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Bpdc – back post double crochet
  • V-st – 1dc, ch1, 1dc
  • St –  stitch

Start with a magic ring and start making the base. Use the pattern here.

Row 1: Now working on the base, ch2, turn. Bpdc all over. Join with sl st. We are working on the wrong side.


Row 2: Ch2, dc in the same ch space. *skip 1 st, 2dc in the next st,* (V-stitch). Repeat from *to* until end. Join with sl st .

Row 3-7: Ch2, dc in the same ch space. Now, *1dc, slide 1 bead, 1dc in the same st, skip 1 st. 2dc into the next st. Skip 1 st.* Repeat from *to* till the end. Join with sl st. Do it alternately with the beads as shown in the pictures below.



It will look like this when you turn to the right side.



Row 8: Ch2, Turn. (Now working on the right side). 1dc in the same ch. V-st all over, skipping 1 st every time. Join with sl st.

Row 9-12: Ch2, dc into every st. Join with sl st.

Row 13: Ch3 (ch2 as dc & ch1 space), *skip 1 st, dc into the next st, ch1*. Repeat till the end. Join with sl st.

Row 14: sl st in the centre (in the ch1 space between the dcs). Ch3, *skip 1 st, 1dc into the next st, ch1*. Repeat till the end. Join with sl st. Same as row 13.

Row 15: ch2, dc in the ch1 space between 2dcs of previous row. 2dc in each ch1 space all over till the end. Join with sl st.

Row 16: Now it’s time for the edging. You can use the photo tutorial for this here How to add edging to a crochet project

Or just follow the guidelines for the edging here:  Ch3, *pull up a loop and insert into the same space, pull through* leaving 2 loops behind. Repeat one more time from *to* leaving 3 loops on the needle. Pull up a loop and draw through all the 3 loops on the needle, ch1, skip 1 st, sl st into the next st. Repeat until end. Join with sl st.



Make a long string by making chains. Make it long as per the desired length. Now insert the string into one of the tiny windows that we have created in Row 13. Insert the string back and forth in those tiny windows in row 13. When you are finished with the row 13 insert the string into the next window in row 14 in the same direction. Repeat until you have completed the row 14. Now you can pull the string and close the opening of the purse by tying a knot. It’s done!



It’s a nice gift or can be a gift cover too.



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