Simple quotes written beautifully..

Whenever I feel low, I start googling for inspiring quotes, or thinking about kind things happened to me. To cheer my mood up, I need to read something good. Just a line or two maybe, but it does all the magic. I’ve noticed, in my case, quotes work wonders. So at this time of the grey weather day, I’ve started doodling out few nice lines which I’ve always loved doing (you’ll be reading this after few days, once I finish this and post it). On a blank white sheet I just wrote down the words/ sentence in such a manner that…. Hang on! There is no particular way to describe how to do this. You just need to follow what your mind says and all of it will be traced on that sheet. Use whatever materials are handy and give it a go. Later, if you feel, you can switch to the markers and fine-tips and many other options…

As I’ve said in my earlier post doodle it up , doodles are great for low mood. They simply help you come out of the sad state that you are in. Sadness, anger, anxiety, depression no matter what it is, these tiny shapes  and lines have that power to heal it. It keeps your mind away from negative thoughts. (Not at once of course, even sugar takes time to dilute). It has helped me during my postnatal struggle.. you know what I mean ;). Give it a go and Keep it in practice. And now that you are doodling by, why not decorate and transform one nice quote into a super cool doodlely one! Just see the transformations which I have made below..






Choose any quote that you like or if you are not sure, start with a quote with 2-3 words. For  example, ‘ Be happy, Be yourself ‘. Have a look at the photo tutorial for this one here->  How to decorate simple words. It is very easy. Just try with few simple words and when your mind allows, go for a quote. It keeps you busy and your mind relaxed. In a short period of time you’ll see that you are getting calm. Better effects to be seen if done on a regular basis. And remember that there is no rule! Let your mind take the initiative.

You can download these sheets for free here->  Quotes Printables. It’s a pdf file. Print it! Frame it! Gift it! or just hang it on a wall! As simple as that… Keep yourself inspired. Keep moving.

I’m soon coming up with coloring sheets like zentangles for adults but in a different way. You can easily download them for free. I hope you will like them too. Till then stay tuned…


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