Maths Practice Pages for early years.. Free printable

Hello there!

During the spring half term my kid was getting bored as the weather wasn’t supportive much to go out. She was bored of coloring pages, crafts, and couldn’t go out for playing so it was easy and fun for her to watch lots and lots of videos of her favorite programmes. I was worried, as she was getting so involved in watching those videos that she wasn’t replying at once whenever I called. She just said that she didn’t hear me calling her. I noticed this change in her for few days. I was actually working on my next set of printable at that time. I wanted to distract her from watching TV for long. So I took a sheet and started scribbling numbers on it. And so I created this set of printable which was a new task for my daughter. She could do the numbers and color them too. Maths practice and coloring fun both at the same time. She enjoyed doing that page and also asked for more tasks like that. Then I decided to make one set of printable for Maths. All the drawings and creations are hand drawn which I personally made for my kid and now I’m sharing it with you lovely people. Hope your kids enjoy these too.. 

You can download it here –>> Maths Practice Pages with coloring fun free printable

It’s a Pdf file so you can easily print all 9 pages in the row. Enjoy!!


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