DIY Crochet Hair Accessories..

This is a cute crochet tutorial after a long time. Oh! How badly I missed doing crochet!! Actually, a new toddler in our house isn’t allowing me to touch my crochet box these days. I wanted to try these little flowers since long. And now that I have made them, I thought of converting them into hair clips, which came out to be a pretty good idea.

HC 10

Let’s see how to make this hair clip. It’s a very simple pattern. Moreover  like a one day crochet project. As i said, I can’t afford to do crochet these days for I hardly get time running after my son, still I made these pretty hair clips. And that too in a day.

Here is the tutorial of how to do it:



ch- chain

sc- single crochet

tr- treble crochet

sl st- slip stitch

st- stitch


  1. Make a small flower. For this use this tutorial-> A Little Crochet Flower Pattern.

HC 1

2. Attach white thread. We are crocheting on the wrong side of the flower. Ch 4, sc into the sc between the petals. *Ch3, sc into the sc*, repeat from *to*.

HC 2

3. Make petals. * Ch4, 6tr into the chain space, ch4, slst into the same chain space. Sc into the next chain space*. Repeat from *to*.

HC 3

4. All the petals are done. Fasten off. Leave a long piece of yarn for later. Your flower will look like this from back side.

HC 4

5. Turn. This is the right side.

HC 5

6. With help of the tapestry needle, sew the clip carefully on the back side of the flower.

HC 6

7. Use the long piece of yarn that we have left. It will look like this.

HC 7

8. Add a  nice matching button at the center of the flower.

HC 8

9. Add crystal beads, ribbons, leaves ( I used felt leaves) or any other thing that you like and decorate it.

HC 9

And it’s all done! You can make lots of combinations and designs by using different colors, patterns, buttons, beads etc.  A separate matching hair clip for every dress. You can sew it on normal hair bands, belts and clips. I bet you can’t just make one. I’ve already made these five clips and started making another one..






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