Handmade Baby Cards…

I recently made these lovely cards for two of our good friends. One of the couples had a son and the other one a daughter. I saw this pattern in one of my most visited gift shops. I instantly loved it. I actually wanted to grab it. As it was the last card of this type. Then I thought for a moment and decided to give it a go…

I used white card stock, few colored and patterned sheets, you can choose any. Few buttons, craft jewels, cotton embroidery thread (any other will do), Thin satin ribbon, two way tape, a glue stick and scissors.

This is how it looked when I tried making it at home..


I adore the clothes hanging on the clothesline. And fortunately I had a sheet with these beautiful baby clothes on it. I cut out the tiny shapes carefully. Also a bird and few flowers. I glue down those shapes to the cotton string. Using a sticky tape I secured the ends of the string behind the plain blue card stripe. Then I stick it down on the card. I cut tiny pieces of two way tape and fixed the cut out baby clothes giving them 3D effect.


I cut 2 semicircles of plain blue card stock and glued them down to look like a buggy as shown in the picture below. Then also covered the borders of the  buggy in a tiny grey satin ribbon. I decorated it using flower shaped jewels and a tiny ribbon bow and 2 white buttons as the wheels.


I glued 2 layers of white card stock at the back side of the buggy shape to give strength to it. Then using two way tape I fixed it on the card. Also added few details here and there..


And here is the final outcome… Sweet and simple!


Here I tried a slightly different version of this card. I made it using the same technique but  with girly colors. Have a look..



I also decorated the inside of the card… and it looked like this..


I made these cards in a day.. hope you will have fun making some of these for your loved ones too…

Stay Creative!!



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