Meet Apeksha..

Hey there! Being a creative thinker, a craft loving person, who likes to be organised, I want to be a silent companion for all those mums out there in search of a creative feed.  This is one step towards my dreams. I’m starting a journey here… Hmmm, Mumpanion!  Why this name? The term is new to the dictionary. It’s a creative outcome of a mum + a companion (= Mumpanion!).

Blogging for me is like an old bank account where I can treasure my values, my art, my passion. It’s a beautiful way of sharing what you know, what you think, what you like. I can and like to create so many beautiful things and I want to spread my knowledge, my imagination to people who lack it. Blogging has given me that platform to represent my true-self. I used to read blogs and wonder how some people are doing it. I actually created my first blog years back but I didn’t know what to do with it. I wrote few stupid stories but it couldn’t work. I unwillingly left it. And here I’ve started it all over again.

A true self, a true mum (sometimes mischievous too 😉 ) for all the mums and mum-to-bes. A companion who just wants to be there for a lonely soul, for a tired- frustrated mum. Just to encourage her, to remind her that she and her thoughts matter!!

Hoping that you’ll find a companion for a lifetime here…


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